Kampiranje – Camping


Na 500 m2 prostire se meto za kamp i auto kamp. Kamp nudi mir, tišinu za lep i prijatan odmor uz opuštanje. Kao i sve druge neophodne stvari koji jedan odmor zahteva u današnje vreme, kao što su: električna energija, wc, tuš kabine, wifi… U prijatnom ambijentu jedino cvrkut ptica može vam pokvariti savršen mir i tišinu.

Prazan kamp

At 500 square metres the place for car camping . The camp offers place and quiet, for a nice and pleasant holiday and relaxation . As well as all other things that vacation in present demands: electricity, toilets, showers, wi-fi. In the pleasant surrounding only bird charping can spoil a peefect place and quiet.



  1. Please answer my e-mail:
    Dear Sir / Madam.

    For the NKC (Europe’s largest motorhomeclub) we are tour managers. Throughout whole Europe the NKC organizes trips with motorhomes. The trip through Turkey is being done about Italy and Greece (ferry!!). Now, in 2016, we will go over land, Serbia and Bulgaria to Edirne. We are looking for a place to spend the night in 2016 between Belgrade and the Turkish border. (arrival and departure 4-5-2016 5-5-2016). Our groups consist of a minimum of 15 and maximum of 22 motorhomes.
    Is that possible?
    Do you have connections for electrical?
    Do you have hot shower
    What is the price?

    With best regards,
    NKC | Europa’s largest motorhomeclub
    Dick Laning and Joke Laning
    Tour Managers NKC

    NKC Office: Amersfoortsestraat 124-D | 3769 AN Soesterberg
    P.O. Box 424 | 3760 AK Soest / The Netherlands
    T: +31 33 467 70 75
    E: d.laning@nkc.nl
    I: http://www.nkc.nl | http://www.campercontact.com

  2. Hi there,
    Is it possible to get a motorhome parking spot for tonight? We will be arriving around 18:00 or 18:30 tonight.
    Will there be a space? And how much will it cost?

    Thank you,

    Calypso Kulasegram
    +44 7 842 895919

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